Recycle Your Electronics to Benefit Conservation


Recycle your used electronics

Rather than disposing of your used electronics, partner with the Jane Goodall Institute to recycle them responsibly and benefit a good cause at the same time.


You can support the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and protect the environment at the same time by participating in our electronics recycling program. Many important minerals — especially in mobile devices — are extracted from the very same places that chimpanzees, other great apes and people call home.

With the abundance of electronics in our lives these days so many end up in our waste stream without being properly disposed of — or better yet — recycled. Doing so removes those electronics from the waste stream, and also reduces the demand for extraction of resources from the habitats that many species, especially chimpanzees, other great apes, and human beings call home.

Getting Started

JGI collaborates with ECO-CELL for our electronics recycling program. Your can either simply recycle the electronics that you have at home, or you can set up a more extensive program to collect phones in your local community. 

  1. Simply complete the registration form below, enter your information and choose "yes" if you want the value of your electronics to be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute.
  2. After you register, and you have collected your first batch of electronics request a free shipping label from ECO-CELL to send your first shipment. 
  3. When ECO-CELL receives your shipment they will process your electronics and route the funds earned from your electronics to JGI.

Currently Eco-Cell collects: Cell phones, Cell phone accessories, iPods and MP3 players, Handheld game systems, GPS handheld units, E-readers, and Portable hard drives.

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